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5Pairs Instant Beauty Face Nutrition Wrinkle Removal Lift Sticker

5Pairs Instant Beauty Face Nutrition Wrinkle Removal Lift Sticker

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Why can Face Nutrition Wrinkle Removal Lift Sticker achieve this effect?
Physical lifting: By physically fixing and stretching the already collapsed skin to a smooth and elastic state, it achieves surface restoration of the deformed skin.

Essence repair: Our lifting strips are made from a soft molecular plant essence liquid. During the process of physical lifting, this soft molecular plant essence is also supplied to the skin, fundamentally repairing the skin.

Now get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and any visible marks of aging! Take years and blemishes off the face overtime without and costly cosmetic procedures With Face Nutrition Wrinkle Removal Lift Sticker!

Hydration that eliminates dry skin, toxins and promotes optimal conditions for the skin’s beauty cycle that results in a brighten skin tone and perfect treatment for smile line and all of eye concern!

The face lifting system improves sagging skin and eliminates wrinkles on the face.Your face will not be tightened. Effectively lifts and tightens the skin.



Visibly plump skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in 3-5 Weeks. 

Eliminates Fine Lines 
Promotes collagen formation to help filling unevenness on the face.

Moisturize & Hydrates 
Locks in moisture for ultra-hydrated skin to prevent dryness and aging to achieve a youthful look.


【 INVISIBLE DESIGN】It is very light and thin. And broke through the constraints of various occasions. Available for eating, sleeping, work, shopping, sports appointments, reading, parties, etc. 


I’m a bit shocked at how effective face care is. It's comfortable, store easily, effective, hasn’t caused overheating or breakouts, easy to clean, adhere pretty well. I am someone that moves in their sleep but the adhesive has lasted through the few nights so far! And my face is smooth in the morning and stays that way for most of the day. I am loving these!



Shelf Life: 3 years

Application: Suitable for a variety of skin types.

Note: Individual skin status is different, the application effect varies from person to person, the product needs long-term use to have effect. Hope to understand. 

Package: Beauty Face Nutrition x 5 Pairs

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