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Rust Removal Converter Metallic Paint🔥

Rust Removal Converter Metallic Paint🔥

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Having Rust Problems Everywhere? Rusty objects changed beyond recognition.

Don’t worry! Our Rust Removal Converter Metallic Paint will help you solve the problem easily.

It is the easiest-to-apply, fastest-drying rust converter. It takes existing rust and transforms it into an inert coating, sealing out moisture and preventing future rust and corrosion.


[Convert Existing Rust]

It transforms the existing rust into a dark and protective polymeric barrier, which is weather-proof and ready for a fresh coat of paint for your car chassis. And will provide more than twice the rust protection. No more scraping, sandblasting, or grinding!

[Prevent Future Corrosion]

This rustproof treatment prevents future rust and corrosion by isolating moisture from rain and snow. No more worrying about metal objects exposed to rain or snow.


It is non-flammable, low VOC, water-based treatment, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. And dries in 20 minutes.

[Superior Gloss and Color-retention]

It revives and protects iron and metal surfaces on automobiles, dumpsters, equipment, railings, chassis, etc. And can perfectly level these projects up to a beautiful smooth glossy finish.

[Easy to Use & Effort-saving]

Clean the surface that needs to be treated. Shake or stir the metallic paint well before using. Apply it on the object surface with a brush and leave it for 20 minutes. You can apply the paint twice to keep the color smooth and glossy.


1kg product can brush 5-15 square meters or larger area, depending on how thick you brush. (The thinner you brush it, the bigger the area. Conversely, the thicker you brush it, the smaller the area.)

Do not apply this product if the surface temperatures are below 50°F.

Store it in a cool, dry place, protected from freezing or temperatures above 100°F.



Material: Water-based Primmer

Capacity: 100g, 300g

Product Size: 6.2*5.7cm, 9*8cm

Brush Size: 10*1.5cm

Package Includes: 1* Rust Removal Converter Metallic Paint + 1* Brush


Please allow slight measurement errors due to manual measurement.

Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures.

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