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Butterfly Bouquet

Butterfly Bouquet

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The bouquet have a LED light strip, the warm light in the dark environment, giving a warm, romantic and happy feeling.

What's Included?

Inside the package contains 8 sheets of blue wrapping paper, 5 loads of soft cellophane, 40 pieces of wire, 1 gift card, 6 pieces of cotton paper, 33 butterflies, 1 piece of ribbon, 1 piece of tape, 1 piece of LDE light string. The lifelike butterflies add a sense of animation to the bouquet, which is more special and attractive than the usual bouquets.


Shipping time varies by location.

These are our estimates:

United States 8-15 business days
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Europe 9-18 business days
South America 15-20 business days
Australia 7-14 business days
*This doesn’t include our 1-2 day processing time.

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     Why Your Girlfriend Will Love Our Bouquet

Unique - It's something she's never gotten or seen before... making it very special and unique.

Forever Lasting - The Butterfly Bouquet is a low-maintenance and everlasting floral arrangement. Unlike fresh flowers, it requires no watering and remains perpetually in bloom, ensuring that its beauty endures without wilting.

Love, Hope & New Beginnings - Elevate your space with a touch of enchantment, and let the Butterfly Bouquet become a symbol of joy, growth, and the fleeting beauty of the natural world

Notice:8 pieces of blue packaging paper, 5 packs of soft glass paper, 40 fine wire, 1 gift card, 6 pieces of cotton paper, 33 butterflies, 1 ribbon, 1 roll tape, 2 LDE fine light rope

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