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DND 7-in-1 Metal Fingertip Gyro

DND 7-in-1 Metal Fingertip Gyro

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🎲This DND 7-in-1 Metal Fingertip Gyro combines the power of a compass (which spins 360 degrees) with the thrill of rolling dice, and your destiny is in the spin of a roulette wheel!

📌The spinner is adorned with three mighty dragons, each representing a different set of dice: D20, D10, D8, D12, D6, and D4.

📌Finely sculpted dragon scales allow you to touch the scales as they dimple. Three rows of numbers are engraved on each face. Simply turn the compass and the pointer on the dragon's tail will point to the appropriate result.

✨Roulette dice are quality polyhedral metal dice for various classic RPG board game series,and other RPG and card games.such as D&D (Dungeon and Dungeon),dungeons and dragons,Shadowrun,Pathfinder,Savage World,Warhammer,Yahtzee and many other RPG and card games.

💖Whether you're a seasoned dungeon master or a casual player, let the Dragon Compass Dice guide your destiny with every roll.

📐Diameter: 5.8cm
📐Thickness: 1.6cm
🎲Handheld spinner design for convenient tabletop gaming🎲

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