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Ghost in the Mirror Wall Plaque, Glow in the Dark

Ghost in the Mirror Wall Plaque, Glow in the Dark

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Unveil the mystique of your space with our hauntingly beautiful "Victorian Ghost" sculpture. Crafted in translucent resin, it emanates an ethereal glow, captivating all who behold its spectral allure.

Illuminate your home with an eerie elegance. Our "Victorian Ghost" emerges from antiquity, cast in resin and meticulously hand-painted to capture every haunting detail. Hang it with pride, a mesmerizing addition to any collection.

Dive into the realm of the supernatural with our mesmerizing sculpture. From its delicate features to the brass hanger adorning its back, every aspect whispers tales of bygone eras. Own a piece of spectral history today.

High Lights

🌟 Elevate your luck and wealth with our "Ghost in the Mirror" Wall Plaque!

🌟 Illuminate your space with its captivating glow, while inviting good fortune and prosperity. 

🌟Let this enchanting piece be your daily reminder of abundance and success. Own it now and manifest positivity in your life! 


Product Name:Luminous Ghost Door



Packing Including:Luminous Ghost Door x1

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