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Colorful Plant Hair Dye, With Innovative Comb Applicator 🎅 Christmas Must Have Hair Color🎅

Colorful Plant Hair Dye, With Innovative Comb Applicator 🎅 Christmas Must Have Hair Color🎅

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Experience hair coloring like never before with our Colorful Plant Hair Dye. Its innovative comb applicator allows for easy and precise application, while the ammonia-free mild formula cares for your hair from the inside out. Enjoy a pleasant aromatic odor, and revel in long-lasting color fixation, it provides effective coverage for a refreshed look. Upgrade your hair dyeing routine today!


Innovative Comb Applicator: Our Colorful Plant Hair Dye features an ingenious comb applicator, making the dyeing process a breeze. You can effortlessly apply the dye while combing through your hair, ensuring even and precise coverage.

Ammonia-Free Mild Formula: Our dye is crafted with an ammonia-free mild formula that contains a range of precious ingredients. It goes beyond color and nurtures your hair from the inside out. By locking in moisture, it helps improve hair texture, reduce breakage, and repair strands.

Aromatic Odor: Say goodbye to unpleasant chemical odors. Our Colorful Plant Hair Dye boasts a pleasant, aromatic scent that makes the hair coloring experience more enjoyable.

Long-Lasting Color Fixation: Enjoy vibrant, long-lasting hair color that remains true and beautiful. Our dye ensures excellent color fixation that stands the test of time.

Effective Gray Hair Coverage: While not designed for complete gray hair coverage, our dye offers a certain level of effectiveness in concealing gray strands, giving your hair a refreshed appearance.


Color: Natural black, Brown black, Brown, Coffee, Chestnut, Light brown, Grape red, Wine red, Linen, Golden brown, Grape purple

Content: 200ml

Shelf life: 3 years

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