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❤The Best Gift For Mother| 👩Leaf Art

❤The Best Gift For Mother| 👩Leaf Art

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    A monumental metal engraving. Each metal leaf records the mother at a different time.👍

    In our life,the one who accompanies us the most is our mother.❤

    Each leaf beautifully sculpts our story with our mother. Whether it is past, present or future.

    Commemorate everything with little leaves.🍃

    Why choose us?👇

    • The product is made of metal, which is not easy to rust, has strong corrosion resistance and can be stored for a long time.
    • Each leaf looks different and is very memorable.
    • It's not just a piece of art, it's the best gift for a mother. I believe every mother will be moved when they see it.

    Although the product is small, it is full of the love we have for mom.❤

    Single product display👇

    When mom is pregnant

    When you were born

    When you were a baby

    When you go to elementary school

    When you graduate from college

    When you have a job

    When you get married and have a kid of your own

    At the same time, my mother is getting old

    Thank you for shopping with us!💖

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