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Magic Duster

Magic Duster

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Say goodbye to spider webs, bugs and -a high-quality, lightweight, and easy-to-use microfiber collector


  1. Electrostatic microfiber collection-Each microfiber has a slight positive charge, and it is very small, 100 times thinner than a human hair-this makes the flexible microfiber collector easy to attract, grasp and Capture. The soft rubber tip is located at the end of the collector to prevent scratching. Very suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach places inside and outside: high ceilings, narrow corners, walls, beams, shelves, lamps, blinds, window screens and more!
  2. It can be bent into any shape and can replace the brush part-the flexible microfiber collector can be bent into any shape to clean corners, ceiling fans and hard-to-reach places. After removal, you can choose to throw away the dirty brush head and keep the brush head clean at all times to save you the time to clean the brush head after cleaning.
  3. .It is durable and takes into account the user experience. The end has a soft rubber tip, so it will not scratch the wall. The high-quality rubber handle provides a comfortable grip.


Material: PP+ Microfiber


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