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Handmade Miniature American payphone in 1:12 scale

Handmade Miniature American payphone in 1:12 scale

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【ORIGINAL RETRO DESIGN】: This vintage dollhouse miniature American payphone, booth, and mailbox set was purposefully designed in a nostalgic style and meticulously crafted in a 1:12 scale. You can clearly see the deliberate details such as traces of use, scoring, peeling paint, color fading, and other skillful treatments to get closer to the authentic retro feel so that each place reveals the heart of design sense and craftsmanship.​

【VERSATILE EXQUISITE DECORATION GADGETS】: The iconic American payphone, booth, and mailbox replicates will be the perfect ornament pieces for your miniature landscape, dollhouse, display cabinet, or mini toy collections, as well as good scenery settings in your photography, always capable of bringing a touch of nostalgia and bygone stories to any space. The vintage mini gadgets will definitely remind you of those familiar but fading street memories at your younger age.

【FASHION CHIC VINTAGE STYLE】: Echoing the worldwide fashion vintage trends, the set of retro dollhouse miniatures presents realistic old-fashioned American street scenarios with the classic ordinary articles, full of sophisticated details from the lettering on the phone booth door, the Starbucks coffee cup, to the coin slot and handset... You can indulge yourself in the vintage miniatures in an atmosphere of chic vintage and a delicate throwback to the familiar past.

【EMBELLISH YOUR PHOTOS & LIFE】: The stylish vintage miniature accessories are suitable for decorating your home and garden, and perfect for embellishing your photos on social media. You can easily leverage these charming vintage miniature models to build up a mini-environment for your attractive photos or set up personal space in an old-fashioned artistic way, like your precious dollhouse, miniature landscape, the various shelves in your office, your living room or garden, or on the mantelpiece.

【EXTRAORDINARY & PERFECT GIFT】: This set of dollhouse miniature American payphones, booths, and mailboxes in 1:12 scale models is an excellent and wonderful gift for your beloved someone who is a super lover of miniatures, dollhouse decoration, or a big fan of collecting vintage items, small retro pieces or mini toys. Each retro replicate is sure to delight any of your friends, family members, colleagues, etc., and becomes a cherished gift for their hobbies.

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