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🔮2023 Christmas Hot Sale-Suncatcher Moon Crystal Wind Chime💎

🔮2023 Christmas Hot Sale-Suncatcher Moon Crystal Wind Chime💎

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The perfect gift selection, very suitable for any gift occasion. The best gift for mum and your lover, wife, fiancee, girlfriend.

☀ The light-catching crystal jewelry is made of high-quality crystal, using advanced cutting technology, flawless and good refractive effect. 

❤ Durable, these light-collecting decorations seem fragile and easy to scratch, but they are actually very durable. They will hardly tarnish or tarnish.

The light-catching crystal jewellery shines in the sun. Hung on the window as a light catching ornament, this light catching ornament creates beautiful reflections. When sunlight shines from different angles, it reflects different light effects.

❤ Crystal light-falling decoration is suitable for many occasions such as Christmas tree decorations, parties, chandeliers, walls, baby room, cars, plants, curtains, balconies.


  • We would greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to meet demand while ensuring that every piece meets our high-quality standards.

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