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Electric Drill Pump

Electric Drill Pump

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Pump Water Faster and Easier Than Ever Before!

Tired of Tedious Liquid Transfers?

Our Battery-Free Drill Pump Makes it Effortless and Fast!

Portable, Durable, and No Mess!

Say hello to our Electric Drill Pump, your ultimate solution!

This compact, self-priming, and battery-free drill pump will transform how you handle liquids, making it a breeze for both personal and professional use.


Effortless Liquid Transfer: Attach an electric drill bit, and experience a steady and rapid flow rate of 20-30L per minute. No more struggling with manual transfers!

Take it Anywhere: Forget about renting water pumps for DIY projects. Our Self-Priming Transfer Pump is lightweight and compact, measuring just 126mmx63mm. Toss it in your bag or toolbox and take it anywhere. Plus, it's durable and corrosion-resistant!

Save Time and Energy: Manual liquid transfer can be exhausting. With this drill pump, your arms and hands will thank you. Achieve a steady and fast flow rate of 20-30L per minute without breaking a sweat!

No Batteries or Electricity Required: Our Self-Priming Transfer Pump is completely battery-free. Just attach an electric drill, and you can transfer water, oil, and more! The pump's hex shank is compatible with various drill bit chunks.

Act fast! The Self-Priming Transfer Pump is in high demand, and we have limited stock available.


    Package Includes: 

    • 1 x Water Pump
    • 2 x Hose Clamps
    • 2 x Screw
    • 2 x Shelves


      • Material: Thermoplastic
      • Size: 126x63mm
      • Color: Black
      • Inlet/Outlet Inner Diameter: 16mm
      • Inlet/Outlet Outer Diameter: 19mm
      • Flow rate: 20-30L/min (120W-350W 1500-2500RPM)

      How to use: 

      1. Attach a hose to the inlet and outlet  
      2. Use the hose clamps if needed 
      3. Attach the electric drill to the shank 
      4. Turn on the electric drill to start pumping 

      Key Features: 

      • Steady and fast flow rate - 20-30L per minute 
      • Can transfer water, seawater, oil, dilute organic solvents, insecticides, liquid fertilizers and more
      • Compact, portable, and corrosion resistant 
      • No batteries and electricity needed 
      • Can be powered by an electric drill 
      • Fits all kinds of drill chunks 
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