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🔥Detachable Smart Weighted Fit Hoop

🔥Detachable Smart Weighted Fit Hoop

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💪Make it fun for you to exercise!

👍The Weighted Smart Hula  is the perfect way to burn belly fat from the comfort of your own home.  

😍Use it for 30 minutes every day to see the difference! Get moving, it's 2023! Put on your Smart Hula and get that workout in!

👍Suitable for waists that are less than 96cm Suitable for waists that are less than 38inches,Right now, the Weighted Smart Hula  is on SALE!


  1. Adjustable Size: The Weighted Smart Hula  has 24 detachable sections that are adjustable to fit your needs (waist sizes from 20 to 38 inches).
  2. Effortless Workout: This incredible device stays in place and won't fall down your waist! Move your hips and let the  take care of the rest.
  3. Massaging Mechanism:  provides a soft cushioning around your waist, preventing any bruising, pain or discomfort.
  4. Portable Design: Created to be portable and lightweight and easy to disassemble and take anywhere.
  5. Material:ABS

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✨Package Includes✨

  • 1 x Weighted Smart Hula

NOTE:Need to add weight to the ball by yourself!!

How To Guides 

INSTALL Your Smart Fitness Hoop
Our Smart Fitness Hoop's assembly process was designed to be super intuitive and hassle-free. Attach each link together to snugly fit your waist. After, close the latch to hold all of the links in place on your body. Step-by-step instructions are also seen in the image below!
ADD A Link To Your Smart Fitness Hoop
REMOVE A Link To Your Smart Fitness Hoop
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