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🔥🔥🔥Wireless Super Charge 5 in 1 Power Bank

🔥🔥🔥Wireless Super Charge 5 in 1 Power Bank

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"Are you tired of dealing with tangled cables and the constant worry of forgetting your chargers while traveling ?"

With integrated lightning and USB-C cables,  ensures lightning-fast charging while eliminating the mess of tangled wires. No more rummaging through your bags or searching for the right cables. solving your charging headaches with ease!



  • Introducing  - the ultimate travel companion that redefines charging convenience. Say goodbye to carrying multiple chargers and tangled cables while on the go.  is a 5-in-1 power bank that combines versatility and efficiency like never before.
  • With its robust 10,000mAh battery,  ensures extended usage time for all your devices, keeping you powered throughout your journeys. The integrated lightning cable caters to Apple devices, while the USB-C cable is perfect for Android devices, accommodating a wide range of charging needs.


Whether you're traveling across the globe or just navigating your daily routine,  is the perfect companion, providing a seamless charging experience and keeping your devices powered throughout your adventures !

✅ Sleek and Compact: Experience the perfect blend of style and convenience with Quotationy sleek and compact design. Measuring just 84x82x29mm, this travel-friendly power bank easily fits in your bag or pocket without adding unnecessary bulk. Whether you're exploring new destinations or tackling your everyday tasks, Quotationy ensures you stay powered up with elegance.

✅ Universal Charging: Enjoy the versatility of universal charging with Quotationy's adaptable input parameters (AC90-240V 50/60Hz 0.5A). No matter where you are, this power bank is ready to charge up and support your devices, ensuring you stay connected without limitations.

✅ Lightning-Fast Charge: Time is precious, and so is yours. With Quotationy's AC Charger delivering rapid 5V~3A (15W) charging, you can recharge your devices in no time. Say hello to faster and more efficient charging, allowing you to get back to what matters most with minimal waiting.

✅ Versatile Output: Quotationy's capabilities extend beyond conventional charging. With a USB port (5V~2.4A) and QI Wireless Charging (15W) integrated into one device, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously without fuss. This unique feature adds unparalleled convenience to your charging routine, freeing you from the limitations of traditional power banks.

✅ Wireless Freedom: Embrace the true freedom of wireless charging with Quotationy. It supports all QI standard reception devices, making it compatible with a wide range of smartphones, smartwatches, and other QI-enabled gadgets. No more searching for cables or worrying about compatibility – simply place your device on Quotationy and let the wireless magic begin.

✅ Quick Recharge: Don't let charging downtime slow you down. Quotationy's advanced technology allows for a full charge in just approximately 3 hours via AC. Say goodbye to long waiting times and stay on the move with rapid recharging capabilities.

✅ Intelligent Adaptation: Quotationy's Intelligent Shunt with Smart Identification IC ensures that your devices receive the optimal power they require. This means efficient power distribution, faster charging, and overall smarter energy usage. 

✅ Featherweight Champion: Quotationy is not only powerful and smart but also incredibly lightweight, weighing only 280g. Its portable design ensures you can carry it effortlessly, making it the ideal companion for your travels, commutes, and daily adventures.

✅ Global Compatibility: Traveling the world? No problem! Quotationy comes with plug options for US, EU, and UK use. Stay charged and connected wherever your journey takes you, without worrying about different power outlets.


Package Includes

  • 1x  1 Power Bank
  • 3x Adapters, EU, UK(US is built-in)
  • 1x Quick Start User Guide


1- Is it compatible with my device? 

You can choose from the following charging options:

Lightning Cord (iPhones + other Apple products)
USB-C Cord USB (For most charging cords)
USB-C Port (For input of all other cords)
Wireless Charging Pad (for wireless items).

2- Is my device compatible with the wireless charging pad?

Wireless charging is supported, so you can put your AirPods, Magsafe iPhone, or Android Device on top of the Travel to charge them.

3- How many times can it charge my phone?

Capacity is 10,000mAh which will alow you to charge your phone 2 to 3 times depending on your phone model.



Charging Reinvented - Your All-in-One Travel Power Companion!




Power bank, travel charger, USB phone charger, and wireless charging combined 



Rapid PD 20W USB-C technology for quick and efficient charging !



Integrated lightning and USB-C cables, eliminating the hassle of tangled cords.


10,000mAh BATTERY

Powerful capacity to keep devices charged throughout the day



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Worldwide Ready

Explore the world worry-free with  . Equipped with 3 interchangeable power adaptors, it keeps your devices charged in almost any country. Support for power points in over 150 countries.


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